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Who We Are


  • TherDosePharma Private Limited, a company incorporated as 100% Export Oriented Unit Incorporated in the year 2003
  • Founded by DrNageshPalepu, a US-Indian Citizen with DrBulusu B Teja, Managing Director
  • SciDose LLC is US based company co-founded by DrNagesh and Joseph Bohan, in the year 2006
  • TherDose became subsidiary forSciDose in the year 2008
  • TherDose was initially a dedicated R&D Company and entered into manufacturing, only, in the year 2012.
  • SciDose transferred its interest in TherDose by Aug 2014 due to retirement of several team members of SciDose. Now TherDose is a purely Indian company.

Working Philosophy:

  • Design, Develop and Deliver Specialty Formulations
  • Work on basic underlying scientific principles and apply during the development
  • work on Niche formulations where there are challenges for the Product Development
  • Work on currently marketed products for maximizing the therapeutic effectiveness, improvisation of the formulation, enhancement of tolerability through formulation development or by removing the toxic excipients.

Working Model for RnD services:

  • TherDoseworks with business partners with profit sharing model
  • Identify the drug candidates and work on formulation until the proof of concept (POC)
  • File related IP
  • Identify a business partner for further investment to take the formulations to Scale up and Registration batches
  • File with FDA
  • After approval, either license out to a marketing partner, on profit sharing model.